" With the right ingredientes, Innovation can happen anyware "

At Machina, we believe in the power of innovation to transform economies and communities. Our team of experts is dedicated to bridging the gap between scientific and technological development and economic growth, especially in emerging markets.

Our mission is to provide top-notch technology transfer and innovation development services to companies, entrepreneurs, and research institutions. We work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in data science, intellectual property, business incubation, manufacturing planning, and finance.

What we do?

Our approach revolves around managing risk , we have developed a methodology that allows us to identify and mitigate potential investment risks throughout every stage of development. This enables us to make informed business decisions at each step of the process.

What problem do we solve?

We bridge the gap between scientific research, technology, investors, and companies. Our aim is to facilitate communication and collaboration between these groups, ultimately resulting in more successful and sustainable business ventures.

The effort in R&D

Despite significant efforts in R&D at universities and research centers, there is often a lack of focus on identifying target markets and developing sustainable business models. We help to address this issue by providing guidance and expertise to help research projects become commercially viable.

Venture capital

Venture capitalists are typically looking for innovative start-ups with high potential for social and economic impact. We work to identify and develop these opportunities, with an eye toward creating scalable businesses that can generate attractive returns for investors.

Private sector companies

Private sector companies are also interested in bringing innovative products and services to market, but may lack the necessary knowledge and expertise in the realm of innovation. We provide support and guidance to help bridge this gap, addressing issues of technological and market feasibility to create successful and sustainable business ventures.